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Third Reich in Berlin 

Private Berlin Tour Third Reich – Journey Back to One of the Most Controversial Episodes in History

 Everybody knows at least a bit about the main events that took place during the Third Reich in Berlin. However, if you truly want to understand the National Socialist era of the city, all that happened and why, the best solution is to book a guided tour of Nazi Berlin. 

 What Should You Expect?

 Trace the remains of the Nazi era, either by foot or by car, in order to comprehend the unimaginable and get an insider's look into modern German history. You will begin your tour at the Reichstag Building, one of Berlin's most famous landmarks, and head towards the impressive Soviet War Memorial in Tiergarten, erected in 1945 to commemorate the thousands of soviet soldiers who died in the Battle of Berlin.

 Next, you'll head South to admire the Brandenburg Gate, now an emblem of unity, but a symbol of separation during the Nazi Era, and then your guide will take you to visit the haunting Holocaust Memorial. Further on, you will get to see the location of the Führerbunker, the place where Hitler and Eva Braun got married, shortly before killing themselves, and then you will follow your guide to admire the impressive Reich Chancellery.

 Further South, on Wilhelmstrasse, you'll reach the building that housed the former Nazi Ministry of Aviation and visit the Topography of Terror Documentation Center, located close by. 

 Hopefully you're not tired yet, as your guide has more surprises in store for you. Potsdamer Platz, the old heart of the city, awaits you at a 700m distance from the Documentation Center, and next you'll get to see what's left of the Berlin Wall. Finally, you will end your journey at the Flak towers, where you'll admire these intimidating mega-structures built to defend against air raids and learn more about the Nazis' war strategies.

 Book Your Berlin Tour Third Reich Now!

 There's so much more to learn about the National Socialist era than you are taught in school! Book a tour of Nazi Berlin and your guide will show and tell you all you need to know about Hitler's rise to power, the horrors of his dictatorship and the war, as well as his decline and death.

Participants               Duration of the tour         Excursion cost

1- 6 People                  2 hours                               80,-€

 6 -10 People               2 hours                              100,-€

 10 -15 people             2 hours                              120,-€


Date: daily

The price includes: guide,  19% VAT.

All additional costs: entrance tickets, food, drinks, souvenirs and so on are paid separately by the guest

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