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Berlin Wall Tour 

Berlin Wall Tour – An Insider's Glimpse at Recent German History

If you're interested in the Cold War, you absolutely have to go on a walking tour of the Berlin Wall. Accompanied by a knowledgeable and friendly local guide, you will have the unique chance of getting an insider's look into the most stirring periods in German history, exploring one of the most important attractions at your own pace.

Hire a private guide in Berlin and follow the ghostlike trail of the Wall, discovering intriguing historical landmarks and learning everything there is to know about them, all in just two hours.

Where Will Your Journey Take You?

You will begin your tour at Checkpoint Charlie - the former crossing point between East and West Berlin and a symbol of the Cold War – and walk along the longest remaining section of the Wall, stopping by the Topography of Terror located close by, one of the most frequented museums in the city.

Next, your guide will take you to see an original GDR guard tower, a haunting, eerie structure that will surely give you goose bumps. Head north a bit and you'll reach Leipziger Square, not that long ago part of the no man's land that surrounded the Wall, and then walk a few minutes and take a short break in Potsdamer Square, while your guide will tell you all about the area's history. Here, you'll also get the chance to see the Sony Center, a vivid complex that's been through a lot during the last decades.

From here on, a ten-minute walk will take you to the Holocaust Memorial, where you will learn about the horrors numerous Jewish people had to endure in Nazi Germany, and then your guide will take you to the famous Brandenburg Gate. You will end your tour at the impressive Reichstag Building and learn about its complex history not only in the Nazi period, but also in its earlier days.

Book Your Berlin Wall Tour Now!

As you can see, there's so much to learn and experience in only 2 hours! Contact us to book the most intriguing walking tour Berlin visitors can enjoy!

Participants               Duration of the tour         Excursion cost

1- 6 People                  2 hours                               80,-€

 6 -10 People               2 hours                              100,-€

 10 -15 people             2 hours                              120,-€


Date: daily

The price includes: guide,  19% VAT.

All additional costs: entrance tickets, food, drinks, souvenirs and so on are paid separately by the guests.

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