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Tour to the Sachsenhausen 

Berlin Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp Tour – Prepare for a Haunting, Yet Enlightening Experience

Whether you are a history buff or want to learn everything about Berlin, not just the fun stuff, you should book a tour to the Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp Memorial. Get ready for an experience you will not soon forget and let your guide steer you through one of the most horrifying periods in German history, guide your steps through a place of terror, and help you get a better understanding of what happened in concentration camps during the Nazi era.

An Overview of the Camp
The Sachsenhausen, translated in English as "Saxon Houses", was a "Konzentrationslager" opened in 1936 around 20 miles (35 km) north of Berlin. With its location giving it prominence among concentration camps, the Sachsenhausen becoming a primary training facility for SS officers.
Between 1936 and 1945, approximately 200,000 people were held prisoner and forced into labor the camp and various sub-camps. Thousands of prisoners met their death here, either because of the terrible living and working conditions, torture and brutality, or in mass executions, gas chambers or human medical experiments.
In 1945, the Soviets took over the Sachsenhausen and turned it into a "silencing camp", where the horrors and atrocities continued until 1950, when the place was finally closed.

What to Expect from Your Tour
Our knowledgeable guide will take you to the Memorial either in one of our cars or via public transport, where you will see all the important sites and learn the details of what happened within these walls. You will visit the pathology department and infirmary, see the execution area and punishment cells, as well as observe the inhumane conditions in the Jewish barracks.

Your guide will also show you the "Kapo's" residence and teach you about the security systems employed in the camp. These are just a few highlights, as there are many other sites and experiences waiting for you there.

Contact us to book your private Berlin tour to the Sachsenhausen and be prepared for an unnerving, yet enlightening trip back in time!

Price list of tour to Potsdam by your transport or public transport 

 Number of participians                 Duration of the tour                       Price per person 


2 people                                               5 hours                                           90,-€ 

3 people                                               5 hours                                           75,-€

4-10 people                                         5 hours                                           55,-€

11-13 people                                       5 hours                                           45,-€

14-15 people                                      5 hours                                           30,-€

Date: daily

The price includes: guide, 19% VAT. Remark: time of the road incl. in the tour

In the price not included: entrance tickets, food, drinks, souvenirs and tickets for the public transport.

Recommendation: to took lunch

Price list of tour to Potsdam by our transport

Number of participians         Duration of the tour           Transport                 Price per tour


1- 3 people                                   5 Std.                                    Limousine                 500,-€

1- 3 people                                   5 Std.                                    VIP car                       775,-€

4-7 people                                    5 Std.                                    Minibus                      650,-€


Date: daily

The price includes: guide, transport, driver, 19% VAT.

In the price not included: entrance tickets, food, drinks, souvenirs

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