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Private tour to Potsdam by car 

Enjoy the Most Fascinating Trip to Potsdam from Berlin by Car

There are so many awesome attractions to see in the capital of Brandenburg, that it's impossible to visit them all on foot and quite a hassle to get to them using public transport. If you don't want to settle for just a couple of the main landmarks around the city center, the best solution is to book a private tour to Potsdam by car. Enjoy comfort and privacy riding in a modern vehicle, while your guide tells you about the amazing sites you'll visit.

What Does the Tour Entail?
Hop in the car in Berlin and enjoy a pleasant 1-hour drive to Potsdam. You will cross the Havel River on the Glienicke Bridge, the same steel structure used by the Allies during the Cold War as a link between Berlin and the military liaison missions in Potsdam. 10 minutes later, you’ll arrive at Schloss Cecilienhof, the last palace built by the Hohenzollern dynasty, and then your guide will take you to see the Marble Palace (Marmorpalais), a former royal residence built in the beautiful New Garden.

Next, you'll head to the KGB prison on Leistikowstraße, a former Evangelical organization turned into a detention centre by the Soviets, and then you'll get to see the Alexandrovka Russian Colony, built as an expression of friendship between Frederick William III and Czar Alexander.
Further on, you'll head South to see the majestic Nauener Tor and visit the Old Market Square to snap a few photos of the St. Nikolai Church. You will also pass through the charming Dutch District and check out Potsdam's own Brandenburg Gate, after which you will head to the famous Sanssouci Park. Here you will get the chance to see the Historic Mill, the beautiful Sanssouci Palace, the Greenhouse, and the Belvedere auf dem Klausberg building. Finally, your guide will show you the majestic New Palace and tell you fascinating facts about it, before you head back to Berlin after a tiring, yet delightful journey.

Are You Ready?

Book your private Potsdam tour from Berlin and spend a memorable day exploring this lovely, history-rich city!

Price list of tour to Potsdam by our transport

Number of participians         Duration of the tour           Transport                 Price per tour


1- 3 people                               5 Std.                                       Limousine                          500,-€

1- 3 people                               5 Std.                                      VIP car                               775,-€

4-7 people                                5 Std.                                      Minibus                             650,-€


Date: daily

The price includes: guide, transport, driver, 19% VAT.

In the price not included: entrance tickets, food, drinks, souvenirs

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