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Potsdam city tour


Private Walking Tour of Potsdam – Explore the Outstanding Cultural and Historical Landscape of the Former Prussian Royal Seat
Located 25 km (15 mile) distance from Berlin, Potsdam is one of the most popular destinations for day trips in the area. Due to its religious tolerance, the city was historically a hub for European immigration, attracting people from Bohemia, the Netherlands, France and Russia, and this is noticeable in its beautiful architecture and unique culture. Discover the city's most wonderful treasures through a private Potsdam City tour, guided by a skilled and friendly professional.

Potsdam Sightseeing – What Will You Do on Your Tour?
Your adventure will start in the Old Market Square, which forms the historical center of the city. From here, you'll walk a few steps to get to St. Nicholas' Church, a beautiful 19th century building commissioned by Frederick William III. Make sure you have your camera with you!

After a relaxing stroll north, you'll arrive in the Dutch Quarter to admire its picturesque red brick houses, and then your guide will take you to the Church of Saint Peter and Paul and Potsdam's own Brandenburg Gate – yes, that's right, there are two Brandenburg Gates, and Potsdam's is actually 20 years older than its more famous sister in Berlin!
Tired yet? Hopefully not, as the wonderful Sanssouci Palace can't wait for you to pay it a visit, and the royal park surrounding it also has a few surprises in store for you. Your guide will take you to see the Greenhouse and the Belvedere auf dem Klausberg building, restored in 1993 after it was burned to the ground during WW2.

You will end your journey at the New Palace, the largest and most striking building in the Sanssouci Park, renowned for its majestic interiors.

Book Your Tour Now

Doesn't all this sound incredibly exciting? Book your walking Potsdam tour now, put on some comfortable shoes, and our guide will steer you around this charming and romantic historical city.

Participants               Duration of the tour         Excursion cost

1- 6 People                  2 hours                               120,-€

                                    3 hours                               150,-€

 6 -10 People               2 hours                              150,-€

                                    3 hours                              180,-€

 10 -15 people             2 hours                              180,-€

                                    3 hours                              210,-€

Date: daily

Meeting point: Hbf Potsdam, information centre

The price includes: guide,  19% VAT.

All additional costs: entrance tickets, food, drinks, souvenirs and so on are paid separately by the guests.

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